Tripont CHS and Phase One at MuseumDigit 2019

2019. dec, 19. | News

Eric Joakim előadása a Phase One multispektrális képalkotási technológiájáról
Eric Joakim’s lecture on Phase One multi-spectral imaging technologies


On November 26-27 we were present as main sponsor and exhibitor at the most exciting museum technology conference of the region at the Hungarian National Museum. On the third day of the event, on behalf of the manufacturer of our Danish made cameras, Eric Joakim, Director of Phase One Cultural Heritage Solutions has led a workshop.


Conference and demo digitization

At the conference Eric Joakim gave a plenary lecture on the multispectral capabilities of Phase One systems. With this technology it is possible to examine objects in the UV or IR range, outside the visible light range.

In parallel to the conference, we installed a full digitization workstation with Phase One iXG and XF cameras and we have digitized some special pieces from the MNM collection, including transparent, reflective originals and 3D objects.



We digitized large maps, special watercolors, miniatures made with unique techniques, copper engravings, glass negatives, insects, mock-up buses, and many other artifacts in various sizes and types to demonstrate the versatility of our digital capture devices.



There was also a huge interest in the other system we represent: the powerful, yet gentle and touchless book digitizing device, Treventus ScanRobot.

At the exhibition we had the opportunity to discuss with museum professionals from various fields about their very different needs. We were able to propose solutions for all of them, from photographing microscopic objects to 3D scanning of locomotives or to digitizing tens of thousands of volumes of libraries.


Phase One CHS workshop



Eric Joakim, Director of Phase One CHS, introduced the Phase One’s solution for digitization of cultural heritage. The main advantage of the system is that the cameras, the capture accessories and the software work seamlessly together. The workflow can be highly automated, so this system is capable of delivering high-quality, high-volume digitization in a productive manner.


Multi-spectral imaging

Then he gave a more detailed presentation on Phase One’s multispectral imaging technique. He mentioned different examples from different fields where this technology can provide exceptionally useful information for the researchers and for other professionals.

(image courtesy of Mike Toth, RB Toth and Associates,




Mr. Joakim also talked about the fact that because of these devices are very long lasting and so efficient, they offer an extremely good price/performance ratio for the entire digitization process, and other cost elements, like time, costs of post-production, maintenance and service fees, etc. can be kept low in the long run.



It has also been said that Phase One trusts so much in their devices quality, they provide 5 years warranty on some machines and up to 1 million actuations on their iXG lens’s mechanical shutter. The company attaches so much importance to customer satisfaction that if something happens to their cameras, even if it is dropped, they will provide a replacement as soon as possible so that the work in progress does not have to stop for the time of administration and/or repair.

At the end of the workshop Péter Peti, head of Tripont CHS, demonstrated Focus Stacking technique – a sophisticated imaging technology to accomplish a fully focused image – with a unique piece of Hun gold treasure from the collection of the Hungarian National Museum. Interestingly, we recently digitized the glass negative of the same artifact, captured in the 1920s.

And he also captured preservation-grade digital reproductions of other beautiful artifacts provided by Hungarian National Museum.



Thanks to the organizers and the participants



Overall, we felt that the conference was very successful and useful, and we hope you think the same. We highly appreciate the work of organizers at OMMIK and Hungarian National Museum and congratulate the other exhibitors. We could have spent days getting to know their exhibited systems! And of course we thank all our visitors for honoring us with their interest!

We prepared a short questionnaire, and we would be very grateful if you would give us another minute to evaluate the event, the presence of Phase One CHS and Tripont CHS.

Questionnaire (in Hungarian)

Please send your questions, opinions, suggestions to us:

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