The Professional Exhibition Tour Guide

What is the VisitorNext?


VisitorNext is a professional visitor information interactive exhibition, tour and tour guide app. The framework is easy to use and can be developed as needs arise. The application works perfectly thanks to indoor and outdoor GPS units, even without internet. The unique visitor experience is made colorful by tours and games.

The multimedia guide allows you to upload videos, pictures and text documents in addition to the given attraction. All of this can be turned into hiking trails, so visitors can explore the various attractions on their own. Routes can be modified and selected.

Professional guide application




  • exhibition, tour, and tour guide application
  • easy to use
  • outdoor and indoor use
  • unique image
  • multi-languages
  • offline operating options
  • news, useful information, opening hours
  • QR code
  • multimedia and text content
  • social media sharing options
  • instant messaging
  • advanced statistics module