ICARUS 2023 conference: New opportunities for digital transformation – 22.03.2023-24.03. Sibenik (HR)

2023. 05. 02. | News

The 8th ICARUS international conference was held in the historic city of Šibenik, Croatia, where more than twenty countries were represented.

At the event, which lasted from March 22-24, experts dealing with cultural heritage and its protection and digitization gathered to share the results of their research. The event focused on the digital preservation of cultural heritage and participants discussed new ways of digital technologies to preserve and make our cultural heritage accessible. Tripont professionals participated in the event as exhibitors and speakers.

The topic of the conference is particularly timely in the times when cultural heritage in many countries of the world is seriously damaged as a result of war, natural disasters and human activity. Digitization offers the opportunity for parts of cultural heritage to remain in digitized form, thus preserving and making them accessible to future generations.

During the three professionally meaningful days, the participants could discuss the current projects and activities of the archival and heritage community within the framework of workshops and lectures in the City Juraj Šižgorić Library and the Interpretation Center of St. James Cathedral.

At the same time, conference participants also discussed how digital technology enables the storage and preservation of cultural heritage by enabling the digital storage of information and documentation. Online archiving makes it possible for information, documents and photos belonging to cultural heritage to be accessible via the Internet, making them accessible to anyone.

However, the importance of digitization is not limited to the preservation of cultural heritage. Conference participants also discussed how digital technology can contribute to education or other social benefits.

It is no coincidence that the meeting was organized within the framework of the Creative Europe E-Routes project, which is a European Union initiative that aims to combine cultural tourism and e-tourism. The project basically aims to make the sites and values ​​of the European cultural heritage accessible via the Internet, and thus promote the development of the European tourism industry and the preservation of cultural diversity.

The E-Routes project is supported by the Creative Europe programme, a cultural program created by the European Commission that focuses on supporting and developing European cultural and creative industries. The purpose of the Creative Europe program is to preserve European cultural heritage and creativity and to promote dialogue between European cultures.

The partners involved in the E-Routes project include many tourism and cultural institutions across Europe, including museums, cultural centers, festivals and tourism organizations. The aim of the E-Routes project is to make the sites and values ​​of European cultural heritage accessible via the Internet. However, the E-Routes project does not only focus on the creation of online content, but also covers many other areas of e-tourism, such as the development of routes and tourism services related to cultural heritage.

The next ICARUS conference will be held in the Netherlands, 05.03-05.2023. between. At the event in Maastricht, our digitization specialist Dániel Bedő will give a presentation about the digitization success stories of Tripont Heritage Protection Solutions.