Chemical hazard identification – simplicity redefined

2023. 02. 22. | News



Serstech Arx

With Serstech Arx in hand, every operator becomes an expert in chemical identification. The quick scan gives accurate results within seconds with a single button press.

Information in seconds – Serstech Arx has been designed and developed in collaboration with police and first responder organizations to provide solutions to real-world problems that operatives face in the field. Thanks to its simple use, the composition of the measured substance can be determined in seconds. Over 17,000 items in our own library, including Narcotics, Explosives, TIC, CWA and Pharma libraries.

Serstech Arx

Serstech Arx offers the industry’s best user interface to better support operator efficiency and reduce user errors. One-touch scanning allows you to bypass all advanced settings and take accurate measurements in seconds.

The Serstech Arx provides a glimpse into the future of handheld Raman and includes several industry-leading and proprietary solutions such as autofocus, one-touch scanning, a future-proof analysis engine, and customizable workflows. The ChemDash Pro Wi-Fi connection allows for seamless data transfer.

Arx can identify more than 14,000 materials and offers many library options, allowing it to be used in many areas while remaining cost-effective. Its military-grade ruggedness makes it a great tool for field operatives, including police, bomb squads, border guards and firefighters around the world. Since the instrument can identify chemicals in many containers without opening them, the health and safety of operators is not compromised.

The latest generation of matching algorithms and analysis engines provide more accurate results for both pure samples and mixtures. Patented autofocus automatically finds the optimal measurement point and effortlessly reduces fluorescence and noise caused by container materials such as plastic or glass.

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