Book scanning has never been so easy – CZUR started the year with new tools

2023. 02. 21. | News




Professional book scanner with 28 MP camera, intelligent rotation and crop function. It can perform character recognition in nearly 180 languages. It can be easily operated with its LCD display. The Book Curve Flattening function accurately scans and maps curved pages.

Two Pages in
1.2 s

28 MP
HD Camera
Intelligent Processing Software ABBYY
Up to A3 Anti-Reflection V-shaped
Book Cradle
Multiple Operating

Powerful Hardware Configuration

32-bit MIPS CPU for High-Speed Scanning

Compared to the previous version, the new CZUR M3000 PRO V2 shows a difference, among other things, in MegaPixel numbers and resolution, since with this model we can already digitize in 28 MP quality and 360DPI resolution. It inherited all the features of the M3000 PRO, only the plastic material of the book cradle was replaced by durable stainless steel.

CZUR ET25 PRO Smart Bookscanner

Book digitization has never been so easy, you just have to turn the page.




CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner

CZUR ET18 Pro/ET16 Plus Smart Book Scanner


Bound documents, magazines, archival materials can be easily scanned without cutting or unbinding. The device can scan a page in one and a half seconds. It has a character recognition function. The digitized material can be edited in Word, PDF, TIFF and Excel formats.

Two Pages in
1.5 s

25 MP
HD camera
Up to A3 ABBYY
Anti-Reflection Multiple Operating



CZUR Shine Ultra Pro

The affordable document scanner.

The easiest way to scan your photos, documents, books, etc. without taking your binding apart. The Shine Ultra Pro series features an ultra-high resolution image sensor (13 MP/24 MP) that can capture still images up to 4160 x 3120 pixels (Shine Ultra) and 5696 x 4272 pixels (Shine Ultra Pro). With a unique folding mechanism, the Shine Ultra is big enough to fit into any backpack. An ideal solution both at work and on the go.

CZUR Lens Pro

The CZUR Lens Pro provides crystal clear scanning quality with its 12 MP camera. It is suitable for scanning different types of materials such as documents, pictures, sketches, ID cards, passports, receipts, stamps, barcodes, QR codes, even small objects. Lens Pro weighs 0.43 kg and is probably the lightest portable document scanner in the world. When you’re working, teaching or learning remotely, you can turn the CZUR Lens Pro camera around. The HD camera is perfect for business meetings, online teaching/learning. In other words, in addition to crystal-clear scanning, it can also serve as a 1080P high-resolution webcamera during video calls.

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