Phase One

Investigation of Multispectral

Investigation of Multispectral

Tripont, as the center of Phase One in Eastern Europe, has been developing the Cultural Heritage Digitization Lab and Training Center since 2018. The company group acquired the Phase One multispectral system earlier this year.

The new Phase one Rainbow process allows multiple multispectral imaging technologies with a single camera system.

The essence of the technology is to display information invisible to the human eye using illuminated light sources in different light ranges and appropriate filters.



Investigation of Multispectral

During the test, eight images are taken in different light ranges.


  • VISvisible-reflected
  • IRRinfrared-reflected
  • IRRFCinfrared-reflected false color
    (False-color display means that we represent a bandwidth different from the red, green, and blue components that make up and display the display image, allowing us to visualize wavelengths invisible to the human eye.)
  • UVRFCultraviolet-reflected false color
  • UVL – ultraviolet-induced visible luminescence
  • UVRultraviolet-reflected
  • UVILUV light with IR pass filter
  • VILvisible-induced infrared luminescence

Applicability of multispectral analysis

  • Examination of the originality of works of art and paintings
  • Studying the method of painters
  • Art history research
  • Show transcripts
  • Make scratched handwriting visible
  • Criminal investigation
  • Criminalistics investigations