Phase One RPS 2300XXL

2022. 11. 25. | Egyéb kategória, News

Phase One has unveiled its latest tripod, the RPS 2300 XXL. The XXL designation is earned by the fact that it is specifically designed for digitizing large format artwork!

An AutoColumn digitizing stand that can meet the growing demand for fast, efficient, large format digitizing. For large, flat and thin objects such as maps, newspapers and drawings, the supplied metal cover plate can be mounted on the base, allowing you to easily clamp and position your artwork on the magnetic table.

The digitising stand uses a large, stable metal base. With a size of 1300×1000 mm, it can digitize objects larger than A0. Combined with the Phase One iXH 150MP, this means that 300ppi can be easily and conveniently achieved while meeting the most stringent FADGI, Metamorphoze and ISO 19264 digitization guidelines.

The new base comes with heavy-duty lockable castor wheels and an RPS-175 arm extension that provides a stable camera position and support. An auxiliary shelf under the base offers a convenient solution for storing the control box and other tools and accessories.