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Phase One Certified Professional training will be held on 22-23 June 2022 in Budapest by Tripont! This is an exceptional opportunity to gain an internationally recognised certification that includes full professional training on Phase One camera systems and Capture One software.

What is PoCP?

Phase One Certified Professional is a comprehensive training course in Phase One Camera Systems, Digital Backs and Capture One Software. It is designed to give digital techs and assistants the knowledge they need to be more efficient on set and attain the highest level of reliability with Phase One technology.

Why get certified?

POCP is about two things – Education and certification. The certification is to provide proof that a digital tech or digital operator possesses a certain set of skills and knowledge. However,  even without the professional certificate the knowledge gained from the course will help make you a better tech, a better assistant and a better photographer.


What is covered at Training?

A full range of topics covering both Phase One hardware and software is covered, including:

  • Capture One workflow, optimization and troubleshooting.
  • Tethering hardware and troubleshooting.
  • The Phase One XF & XT camera systems.
  • Technical Cameras with Phase One backs.
  • Image quality optimization.
  • Workflow and technique is taught


    How long certification valid for?

    Certification is valid for 2 years. We believe that after 2 years in a typical development cycle, the course will have changed enough to warrant re-certification.



    Peter Marschall, Phase One specialist.




    The two-day training will take place in the professional, exclusive Budaloft studio, located in the PP Center in the heart of Óbuda, on Szentendrei Út.
    1031 Budapest Szentendrei út 89-93 (PPcenter) Building III, 1st floor.




    Participation in the event is subject to registration, you can register by clicking on the Regisztráció button at the top of the page and then pay for the course via our webshop. The course cost is payable in advance! The POCP training is conducted in English.
    Maximum number: 15 person
    Date: 2022.06.22. 09:00
    Location: Budaloft stúdió
    Registration: Yes (Regisztráció)
    Price: 199 900 Ft

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