Analogue to Digital – Cultural Heritage Digitization workshop in Bucharest

2022. 11. 29. | Egyéb kategória, News

This year Tripont, one of the leading professional photo and video stores in Hungary, became the distributor of Phase One Cultural Heritage solutions also in Romania and several other countries in the region. This is the reason we came here to introduce our cultural heritage digitization solutions.

6 years ago, Phase One, the renowned market leader in medium format photography, entered the Cultural Heritage digitization market as they released the first automatized repro camera system.
In these times, this market was dominated by classical scanning solutions.

Time has proven Phase One, as just in a few years, it became the new standard for heritage digitization. Not only because of the future-proof extreme quality but by the 400x times faster production and easy workflow. These systems offer color and luminosity calibrated, consistent and detailed results that follow Metamorfoze, FADGI, and ISO 19264 guidelines.

There are many uses for these systems, but we should highlight the usability of the multispectral Rainbow MSI Solutions, which uses ultraviolet and infrared lights also, to capture details that were not seen before. Seeing under the different layers of painting without using any chemicals, conservators can analyze and recognize the origin of paintings, can see the sketches under them, and determine the materials used in the process.

Our company, besides the professional photography distributions past six years, built up 360-degree cultural heritage solutions and product portfolios. We want to share our experiences and bring the Phase One IXH 150mp and the Phase One Multispectral Rainbow solutions to Bucharest. We offer a complete solution from advising to sales and installation, calibration, and analysis of existing systems, long and short-term on-location digitization, maintenance, support, and training.

We have had a very successful past five years behind us, we had the great honor of planning and implementing many museums and archives digitization studios.
Some of our references are the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, The Hungarian Natural History Museum, The Hungarian National Bank Library and Archive, and The Hungarian Television and News agency Foto Archive.
We have international references, too. We implemented the Serbian Academy’s Digitization Centre in Belgrade and The Matica Serbska Library‘s digitization in Novi Sad.

We’ve had the pleasure to have people join our event on 18.11.2022 in Bucharest from Muzeul Național de Istorie a României, Muzeul Național de Artă Contemporană al României, Muzeului Național al Hărților și Cărții Vechi, Bibliotecii Centrale Universitare Carol, Agerpress and more.

The systems were presented by:
Balázs Peti, the CEO of Tripont Foto Video
Daniel Bedő digitalization specialist
Balint Hajagos, local ambassador
Dan Draghicescu, local ambassador
Gabor Klinger, digital archive software expert