Digitization devices

We are constantly improving our devices and always use the latest, most innovative tools.

Phase One iXH system

The iXG, an intelligent camera system designed to digitize large volumes of variable-sized originals and scaled for industrial workloads, will give Phase One an excellent tool for professionals in the fields of robotic 3D scanning, machine vision, multispectral sensing and photogrammetry. The Phase One iXH 150MP is a high-performance camera system designed to produce the highest quality reproductions.

Treventus ScanRobot 2.0 MDS

The Treventus ScanRobot is a high-speed digitization tool designed to automatically digitize any kind of bound material. This automatic book scanner significantly increases the speed of the conversion process while reducing the cost of the digitization process.

  • Up to 2500 pages/hour digitization speed
  • automatic page rotation
  • designed for millions of exposures
  • automated, prismatic scanner

Bookeye 5 Book Scanners

The new generation book scanner from the Bookeye family. It is suitable for scanning bound documents, archival material and large books. Easy handling allows you to quickly learn how to use the device.

  • Multi-language setting option
  • Automatic thumb removal
  • Automatically crop and rotate images
  • Easy, quick installation

SMA scanners

SMA scanners offer a solution to a wide variety of scanning challenges. Their flatbed scanners are equipped with unique V3D technology. Their book scanner offers robotic and manual scanning with the same device.


    CZUR scanners with LED overhead lighting are suitable for digitizing documents, books, magazines, forms, invoices, business cards and other office documents.

    E-Image Data microfilm scanner

    With e-image data’s ScanPro All-in- One, you can easily digitize 16 mm, 35 mm and micro fiche.  The device enables reading, scanning and printing of scanned images with exceptional speed and accuracy. Scanned images are automatically cropped by the system.

      Phase One P3 Payload

      The Phase One P3 iXM 100 MP can cover an area of ​​up to 706 square meters from a distance of 25 meters with its 35 mm lens.

      It is useful in the following areas: 

      • survey of industrial areas
      • agricultural land survey
      • to review bridges
      • for testing electrical wires
      • for the development of cartographic applications
      • for checking solar panels and radio towers
      • construction works
      • for aerial photography of archaeological excavations

      Phase One XF system

      The Phase One IQ4 150MP is the top of the range mid-format digital backs. The sensor offers unrivalled resolution, colour and dynamic range to capture the natural richness of detail in life. Tripont has dedicated the PhaseOne XF camera system to Hungarian applied photography, society and culture. With the PhaseOne XF camera, we are able to meet the widest range of needs with our 80 and 120 mm (Macro function) lenses.

      supplements, recording equipments

      The book cradle, developed by Phase One’s US partner, is a target device for the digitization of rare books, while the DT Photon lighting system with its outstanding colour fidelity is specifically designed for museum technology.

      Phase One supplements, recording equipments

      The Phase One Film Capture Stage is a supplement developed for the digitization of transparent originals, which can accommodate most film formats (from 35mm to 8×10″ flat film) and glass plates (9×12 to 24x30cm). This digitization process is up to 400 times faster than conventional scanning.


      Kaiser has been at the service of digitization for many years with its digitizing stands and many accessories. The company was founded in 1945 and since then it has always stood for German quality. In addition to digitizing stands, the brand has become an indispensable part of the professional world thanks to its wide range of supplements.


      Profoto was founded nearly fifty years ago by two enthusiastic photographers with the dream of creating the world’s best flash system. Today, Profoto’s products are used by the best photographers in the industry. Whether it’s a billboard or the cover of a fashion magazine, there’s a good chance that the photo on it was taken with one of Profoto’s flash systems.

      Golden Thread target

      Golden Thread developed by Image Science Associates is one of the most complex test chart family and verification method.
      It is used to set and check the following parameters: Exposure, Sharpness, Resolution, Tone Scale, Color, Detail Reproduction, Color Registration Deviation, Uniformity (color and tone), Noise, Sharpness.
      Image quality control is an essential element of artwork digitization. The ISa Golden Thread process checks every element of the entire workflow, so quality control with this tool is a true guarantee of digitization compliance.

      EXPM Anoxic protection of artefacts

      From easy-to-install “bubble” solutions to built-in chambers, several variants provide environment- and user-friendly protection for continuous pest management. EXPM archive management, storage, cleaning and restoration tools are specifically optimised for the condition of the collection.


      The Nanguang COMBO 200 is a professional LED panel with a large surface area and uniform light output, ideal for uniform illumination of large, even flat and three-dimensional works of art.


      The Sekonic Spectomaster C-7000 portable handheld spectrometer is specifically designed for industrial use. It can measure all known visible light sources (LED, HMI, fluorescent, and natural light spectrum) with nanometre accuracy.