Why choose Czur smart scanners?


Czur scanners can digitize any document in a matter of seconds. Smart software detects page flips and starts scanning automatically. Book Curve Flattening technology can scan and map the curved pages of books and catalogs. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software can convert captured JPG images to high-precision and editable Word, Excel, or PDF formats. The software supports more than 180 languages.

Czur Shine Series


 The tools in the Czur Shine series are fast. It can scan at speeds of up to one second, with optical character recognition and editing capabilities in up to 180 languages. Adjustable scanning height

Aura Series


Portable personal scanner with innovative Al technology. The Aura series also features Book Curve Flattering and Optical Character Recognition in more than 180 languages.

ET Smart Book Scanner Series


Bound documents, magazines, archival materials can be easily scanned without cutting and breaking. The device can scan a page in one and a half seconds. It has a character recognition function. The digitized material can be edited in Word, PDF, TIFF and Excel formats.

M3000 Pro


Professional book scanner with 20 sec camera, intelligent rotation and crop function. It can perform character recognition in nearly 180 languages. Easy to use with its LCD display. Book Curve Flattening scans and renders curved pages accurately.