Digitization made easy

3D scanning of works of art


In the world of museums, there is a growing need to digitize art treasures stored in institutions in 3D. Among other things, this need created the CultArm3D tool.

 The CultArm3D scanner was developed by the Fraunhofer IGD (Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics). For the best quality, the camera system of the Danish camera manufacturer Phase One has been mounted on the robot arm. During the design of the robot arm, the professionals set the goal of high-quality 3D scanning, which is why the 100 megapixel IXG camera system developed for digitization of the Phase One flat object was mounted on the robot arm. For perfect lighting, the camera is equipped with special lighting.

3D digitization made easy


Professionals pay special attention to security when digitizing cultural heritage. In the event of a power failure, the robot arm locks, thus protecting the object to be digitized.

 The biggest challenge is the work with different coatings, reflective surfaces, and objects made of bronze and gold. With CultArm3D technology, you can easily digitize artifacts with different surfaces.

Practical possibilities of CultArm3D


  • Possibility of non-contact inspection of art treasures
  • High-quality digital content
  • Producing a perfect copy of the object to be digitized
  • Promoting research
  • Get to know the subject better and in more detail