Phase One CH workshop at the Romanian National History Museum

2019. Dec, 19. | Article, Event, Workshop

As representative and Training Center of Phase One CH in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, we introduced the company’s high-end cultural heritage digitization solutions: the iXG capture device, the XF IQ4 150MP camera, and the Film Capture Stage, an accessory to digitize film and glass plate transparencies.

Presentation and workshop

At the conference mentioned above, our host, Mihai Musceleanu, Phase One Romanian representative held a lecture on “Superior quality, high-end photographic equipment for the digitization of cultural heritage objects”.

Attached to the conference our partner has organised a workshop, where after Mr. Musceleanu’s introduction, Tripont CHS experts, Daniel Horvath and Daniel Bedo held a presentation and a demonstration in practice.

To demonstrate the versatility of Phase One technology, they digitized various pieces from the RNHM’s collection: maps, glass plate negatives, film negatives, and also color slides.

Color negative: Kosovo, 1999. Photo: Radu Sigheti

Focus Stacking demo with XF camera

With the copy of ancient idol they demonstrated the automatic Focus Stacking technology of the XF camera, whereby multiple images put together to result an all points perfectly sharp, high resolution image.

In the audience many important guests were present: the Romanian Culture Ministry officials, the National History Museum experts, the Romanian Foreign Ministry representatives, students and professors of UNARTE (National Fine Arts Academy) and the Bucharest University, Mr. Bogdan Sandric on behalf of the INP (National Heritage Institute) and Mr. Mihai Florea of RNHM (Romanian National History Museum), as well as many local CH digitization professionals.

Thank you for the invitation!

We are glad we had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the Romanian colleagues!

From January, we will organize presentations, and training sessions in Hungary and in the East- and South-Eastern European region. If you want to participate these Phase One CH training courses, or if you have any questions, suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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